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How does one choose where to go for a vacation getaway? We all like to imagine where celebs like Paris Hilton, Halle Berry or Nicole Richie go to cool off from their hectic schedules.

The location you choose will help determine what kind of activities will help you relax and enjoy your vacation. Think of how you want to spend your time-do you want to relax in a pool, swim in the ocean, hike or visit cultural sites like museums? The weather will also play a big part. If you have sunny weather every day, you become energized to go out and do more things.

Mexico has been a top getaway for years. It’s a neighbor of the US, and it only takes a couple of hours to fly there from most parts of the country. The weather tends to be warm (sometimes too hot!), but with the many beautiful beaches and resorts, there is always a way to cool off as well as amuse yourself. The warm and clear water will keep you swimming, snorkeling or surfing.

Asia, another hot getaway destination, can offer the same amenities. Whether you are traveling in Thailand or Indonesia, there is astounding beauty, on the sandy beaches or the stunning mountains ranges that will take your breath away. The islands of Tahiti are not only summer getaways, but also a perfect honeymoon destination.

Let’s not forget some of the destinations in Europe. The South of France, Italy and England have the some of the world’s hippest places to hide away. Here, you’ll enjoy sightseeing filled with history and art.

Africa is another location that is just now being discovered. The lush beaches of Cape Town in South Africa, or the warm waters on the islands of Zanzibar make for unforgettable vacation experiences.

One has to prepare for a trip like this. It’s crucial to pack the right items for your vacation. If your destination is in a very sunny place, make sure you have a lot of comfortable items for everyday wear. You also need to prepare for how the weather may affect your skin, planning to protect your face from the sun and wind.

A large-brimmed hat that will shade your whole face should be a must in your travel bag. You’ll need sun screen for your face and body, and make sure that it contains the highest protection. Start with nourishing moisturizer with sunscreen to protect you from the sun exposure and also airborne pollutants. Follow that with mineral powder for a smooth finish and more protection from the sun. Mineral powder as a foundation choice is great-with an SPF 20, it helps to keep you looking fresh and beautiful. Keep your sunglasses handy - they will not only protect your eyes from the sun, but also will keep you from squinting, helping to cut down on wrinkles.

Keeping your body hydrated is another essential for your trip. Make sure that you ate drinking a lot of water and keeping your liquor intake at a minimum. Bottled water is the better choice, as even ice in prepared drinks has been known to bring on “Delhi Belly.” Do try the cuisines of the countries you are in, but consult good guidebooks (Lonely Planet is an excellent series) about what precautions to take in your choices. Fruit that can be peeled is the best idea, for example, in some places.

If you’ve gone to the same place for years, why not try somewhere different this year? You never know what adventures may await!

One of the country’s most sought-after makeup artists, Nellie Muganda opened Neja Cosmetics in San Francisco in 1998 after 20 years of flying coast-to-coast for fashion shows, Vogue covers, and commercials. Neja custom-blends cosmetics and offers facials, hair styling, and waxing.